Want to Look Slim in a Saree? Follow these Easy Tricks!

The women of India adore saree for multiple reasons. This is one attire that emboldens a woman’s look. Did you know that this garment of 6-yard sheer elegance, besides beauty, also has the power to make you look slim? Unlike the other traditional outfits, sarees make you look slimmer and taller. The trick here is to drape it correctly. 

Taking references from the most-worked tricks with sarees, TheHLabel brings a quick guide and some awesome saree recommendations that make you look slim!

Trick 1: Shop for Sarees of Light Fabrics

If you are going to experiment looking thin in an organza, cotton saree, then we’re sorry – you’ll fail! Even on the skinniest figures, these fabrics will never give a slim fit appeal. Hence, sarees of light fabrics like chiffon, georgette, satin, soft net and crepe are the ideal options.

Try TheHLabel’s Shiny Crepe Ombre Saree beautified with a tissue border and pearl lace. This saree is light in weight, easy to carry & can be worn comfortably for long hours.

Trick 2: Pick Sarees with Thin Borders

You may be wondering how a saree border can make you look thin. Well, try it yourself. Drape yourself in a saree with a broad border, snap a picture and then try a saree with a thin border. You will see that you look a few pounds down in the saree with a thin border in comparison with the other.

These sarees from TheHLabel are a classic example to understand this trick. Though both these sarees feature golden block prints, their borders contribute greatly to the difference of the look.

Trick 3: Pleat the Saree Perfectly

Half the battle to look slim in saree is won when you drape your saree perfectly. Pleating is one of the most crucial aspects of draping a saree to perfection and flaunting a slim look.

Check out this Beige & Red Screen Printed Saree by TheHLabel. As this saree is made of a soft chanderi fabric, it makes it easier to form perfect pleats.

Trick 4: Tie below the Navel

Tying a saree below the navel is a trick to cover the contours and elongate your figure frame. So the next time you wear a saree, don’t let it go above the navel!

Trick 5: Choose Dark Colours

Dark colours like black, blue, brown and purple to create a slimming illusion. Fashion experts say that these colours hide the visual interruptions like body flaws, garment flaws and undergarment lines. When all these interruptions are hidden or minimized, you appear thinner and taller.

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