Want To Know Which Sarees To Buy For Your Body Type? Read This!

No matter what’s your body shape is, a saree is a garment enough to flaunt a spectacular style provided that you choose the right fabric and drape it well. We have often seen the struggle of women while shopping for sarees. They can’t figure what is the best type of saree based on their body shape. The designers of TheHLabel have come to the rescue with excellent options for all bodies.

Read on to find out the best saree sets for your body and shop for it right away!

Sarees for the Apple Shaped Body

If you have broad shoulders, full bust, and round tummy with toned legs, you fall in the category of an apple body.

Ideally, you should choose fabrics that hide those extras around your bust and stomach. A silk saree with beautiful embroidery is your best option for parties and festive occasion whereas you can choose georgette sarees or chiffon sarees for casual wear. To enhance your silk saree look, you can opt for styling an oolta pallu.

Also, note that the net sarees are a no-no for you. These sarees make you look even round and must be avoided for all occasions. 

Sarees for the Pear Shaped Body

Curvy waistline, well-rounded hips and comparatively narrow shoulders & bust, defines a pear-shaped body. As your body does not have any awkward curves, you can wear fabrics like georgette and chiffon. When draped well, these fabrics make the upper half of your body more noticeable.

Go for bold colours, light embroidery or small prints instead of the regular ones.

Sarees for the Athletic Body

If you are a woman with a straight line rib cage, a narrow waist and a flat tummy, then you are defined as an athletic body. Cotton, organza or cotton silk sarees can create an illusion of a fuller figure and make you look splendid.

To highlight your curves, light-coloured brocade blouses with heavy embroidery or beadwork are an ideal pair of saree for you. Choose to design your blouses in halter neck, backless, sleeveless or as a tube blouse.

Sarees for the Hourglass Body

Having hips and bust of almost the same size is a symbol of a perfect female figure. If you have this kind of a body, known as the hourglass, then rejoice! You have the best body structure and you can enjoy almost every type of clothing. All you need is a right saree of light material like georgette chiffon, net or crepe to show your grace.

Blouse with V neck, sweetheart halter neck, scoop neck or strapless corset style will add to the overall charm.

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