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Now Go Back 1400 Years with The Traditional Gondkudis Collection at TheHLabel

Indian culture is so diverse that it never fails to amaze us. There are several cultures in different pockets of the country that many of us haven’t even heard of. However, our designers at TheHLabel keep trying to bring out something new, unique and rare with every new collection.

The 2018’s new collection has been named as the Gondkudis. In this collection, the designers have taken inspiration from a culture that is 1400 years old. This culture is known as the Gond tradition. In TheHLabel’s new Gondkudis collection, the designers have taken special care to design the sarees, the crop top and skirts along with long capes.

The Gond culture is all about telling stories through the art of painting. The Gonds used to use vibrant colours to paint the local flora and fauna. They also used to depict the Gods on the walls during festive occasions. All of these paintings were usually drawn on the walls so that the next generation can easily get to know their tradition. In the Gondkudis collection, the designers of TheHLabel, have created a balance of symmetry in patterns. They use spiral forms along with trees, leaves, animals and human figures. They have used the Gond art as their representing theme.  

The Gonds believed that a good image brings good luck. The designers at TheHLabel believe that an amazing design can make you feel wonderful. While you can wear the sarees of the Gondkudis collection at a formal event, the combination of the crop top, skirt and capes make it ideal party wear. If you wear the Gondkudis collection, you can be the one with the most unique wear.

Do these amazing arts interest you? Then why not gift yourself something as unique as this Gondkudis collection? Shop from and get the trendiest clothes.

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