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Designers Of TheHLabel Use Ancient Prints To Reform The Saree Fashion! Check ‘Em Out!

India holds a richness in the fashion industry majorly because of its sarees. There’s no country in the world that creates sarees as beautifully and as detailed as it is created in India. Undoubtedly, we have plenty of artistic techniques to enhance the look of the sarees.

Going back to history, sarees made their origin during the Indus Valley Civilisation. Initially, they were made only in cotton fabric, with tie & dye being the first technique to beautify them. No matter how fast fashion trends change, India has never lost its essence of printing sarees. 

From the best-printed designer collections of TheHLabel, here are the top-most sarees created using traditional printing techniques.

Leheriya Printed Saree

Leheriya is a traditional style of tie & dye that has its origin in Rajasthan.

If wavy fabrics are your choice in fashion, buy this Leheriya saree made from georgette fabric in a half-and-half pattern. The tricolour border that runs all over the hems of the saree, adds a perfect balance to the saree’s overall look.

Spider Web Technique

Inspired by the shibori dyeing technique of Japan, India has added this technique to its culture of tie & dye.

With tie & dye back in fashion, you can buy this Brown Saree with Spider Web Technique on the Pallu made from the muslin silk fabric.

Block Printed Saree

Block printing technique started in China and India followed its footsteps in using this printing technique on a wider scale.

This Emerald Green & Red Saree is made from natural crepe & cotton silk fabrics, with golden block prints all over the saree. If you love unique artistic prints & patterns, then this saree is indeed a must-have for your fancy collections.

Hold on! The list doesn’t end here! Check out more sarees with unique prints at our sarees section & shop for your favourite print before it falls out of the trend!

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