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The Season’s Musical Collection Is Here! Shop From TheHLabel’s Swaraagini Collection

Classical music is one of the pillars of Indian culture. Indian Classical music comprises of a number of string instruments like the veena, the sitar, the tambura and much more. Interestingly, every generation realizes the importance of Indian classical music and it is close to most of the people’s heart. In TheHLabel’s new collection, the designers have made a deliberate effort to bring out an amazing side of Indian classical music.

This new collection has been named ‘Swaraagini’ which is inspired by the ‘Saraswati Veena’. It’s a subtle throwback to the India classic music that is deep-rooted in our culture. The veenas are carved out of a single log of wood and they have motifs of flowers and creepers painted on them. The new Swaraagini collection has similar designs.

This collection is a recollection of the culture by the use of subtlety and melody in the classical outfits. The silhouettes used in the garment are classic and subtle. The colours to designs these gorgeous sarees include ivory, maroon and ochre yellow. TheHLabel collection of beautiful sarees make the perfect wear for all occasions. From party wear to office wear, you can use these beautiful sarees for almost every purpose.

The use of intricate details and calm colours from the Saraswati veena, makes it soothing for the eyes. These sarees are immensely comfortable. The designers also have used block prints on the fabric. Some of them are highlighted with a golden thread. The classic veena motifs are embroidered by machines. Scattered sequins are used to give an antique look on a subtle base. The Indian classical dress collection resembles the beauty of the art. TheHLabel has brought the collection with the best classic touch.

Does Indian culture interest you? Wouldn’t you love to own outfits that resemble the same? Shop from the latest HLabel’s Swaraagini collection and get these classical music-inspired sarees. Shop from now!

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