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Get Bold And Fearless With Thehlabel’s Nritya Angakkaran Collection

There are a lot of culture and traditions that often inspire fashion designers. This time, in TheHLabel’s latest 2018 collections, we decided to draw inspiration from one of Kerala’s most vibrant ritual, Theyyam. As a part of Theyyam’s tradition, artists play musical instruments, perform vocal recitation, and dance with peculiar makeup and costume.

This collection has been named as Nritya Angakkaran. Theyyam is a bold and vibrant traditional dance form from the North Malabar. Just like the tradition, Nritya Angakkaran’s collection comprises of vibrant colours of red, black and ochre as the primary colours.

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Nritya Angakkaran theme has cultural, dramatic and powerful vibes. The collection has bold silhouettes like jackets, belted blouses and trousers. It also consists of blazers, draped dhoti sarees and bold cut-out blouses. The collection is designed keeping in mind the strong and independent women. We don’t just want the conventional ‘independent’ women to buy and flaunt this collection, but we hope that all women identify them as strong, fearless and independent and find this collection apt for themselves. The Nritya Angakkaran collection makes the ideal formal ethnic wear.

The Theyyam dancers use metal jewellery to accessorise their costumes. Hence, while designing the clothes for this collection, the designers have used metal embellishments for the embroidery designs. Isn’t it wonderful to have such an amazing collection in your wardrobe!

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The Nritya Angakkaran collection is all about vivid, expressive yet subtle designs and silhouettes with the use of bright and bold colours. We, at TheHLabel, believe that every woman is strong and fearless and she deserves the best. This collection is ideal for all your moods. Take a look at the Nritya Angakkaran collection and get the best for you or your loved one.

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